Presentation – Novel Multi-Functional Clutch Technology for EV Driveline Disconnects

With the market growth of Electric Vehicles, EV drivetrain systems are in the process of being redefined and reinvented as part of the next generation of electric vehicle propulsion systems. Next generation EV propulsion systems will need to be further optimized for function, efficiency, range and cost as the EV markets scale up. This includes the need for new solutions to facilitate seamless eAWD disconnect with the ability to quickly and reliably shift between the power, regen and coasting modes. Design flexibility is also a requirement for adaptability at multiple locations between the eMachine and wheels.

In addition to disconnects, next generation EV drivetrains will also require more sophisticated solutions for electronic park-lock, hill-hold and multi-speed shifting, combining the functions of historical ICE transmissions and drivelines. These technologies can be applied to EV pass-cars, light truck and commercial vehicles.

Amsted Automotive has developed controllable disconnect clutch and actuation technology with full disconnect and locking functions, with the additional functionality for controlled bi-directional one-way-clutch operation. This technology when applied to EV drivetrains can provide novel and flexible system solutions for EV disconnects for both eAWD and primary drive EDU applications. The control and flexibility of this technology can also enable the same disconnect function and advantages for the primary drive EDU.

Additional capability can also be combined with multi-speed shift functions, hill-hold and park-lock features to create novel multi-functional clutch solutions for the next generation of EV drivetrains.

The first base disconnect for EV application was launched into production in 2021.

Click below to request a copy of the final presentation that was presented at CTI Germany 2022.