Products of efficiency, performance, and resilience.

We build, manufacture, and ship industry-defining products to propel performance, increase efficiency gains, and deliver premium value.

Our Products

Improve Fuel Economy

Selectable One-Way Clutch

AAG’s Selectable One-Way Clutch is a mechanical clutching mechanism that reduces drag torque and mass, improving fuel economy. It can be used in hybrid transmissions as a shifting node control device or an electric motor disconnect device and in automatic transmissions to achieve gear ratio change. Actuation can be done hydraulically or electrically.

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Reduce Mass

One-Way Clutches

Our One-Way Clutch is a trusted powershift-enabling technology with over 40 million units worldwide. Ideal for static or dynamic applications, AAG’s One-Way Clutches reduce spin loss for improved fuel economy, decreasing packaging space, and enabling mass reduction—providing seamless shifts for hybrid or BEV gearboxes and are available in various size configurations.

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Disconnect Seamlessly

Dynamic Controllable Clutch

AAG’s Dynamic Controllable Clutch is an advanced system that improves the efficiency and range of electrified vehicles while reducing costs. It provides seamless engagement and disengagement of the rear electric drivetrain, ensuring optimal on-road and off-road performance.

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Higher Precision

Flow Formed Stampings

AAG’s Flow Formed Stamping is a customizable, high-precision metal forming process that produces complex, hollow parts with thin walls and tight tolerances. It offers superior strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

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Shorten Lead Times

Grob Forming

AAGs Grob Forming is a cost-effective and versatile metal forming process that uses a rolling process to create precise and complex shapes, resulting in high-quality parts with excellent surface finishes, dimensional accuracy, and strength. It is ideal for both prototyping and high-volume production, with short lead times that reduce time-to-market.

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Essential Design

Motor Housing

AAG’s Motor Housing technology is a lightweight, highly customizable and durable protective enclosure for electric motor components, providing excellent heat resistance and reliability that reduces downtime.

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Precise Reliability

Powder Metal Helical Gear

AAG's Powder Metal Helical Gears are a high-performance, cost-effective, and durable gearing solution for automotive, industrial, and power transmission industries. The helical design ensures smooth and quiet operation, and the gears are easy to customize with low tooling costs. They are an excellent choice for OEM leaders needing precise, reliable, and efficient gearing technology.

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Full Service Supplier

Welded Assemblies

AAG is a metal forming supplier that works with OEM customers to design powertrain components and transmission architectures. Their team of experts advises on product viability, materials, and processes to increase ROI.

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Set the Standard

Powder Metallurgy Components

AAG’s Powder Metallurgy sets the standard in design expertise, support, and production versatility for precision powder metal components for leading OEMs worldwide.

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Reduce Energy Losses

Soft Magnetic Composites

AAG’s Soft Magnetic Composites offer efficiency gains, lower energy consumption, reduced operating costs, and longer equipment lifetimes. They are easily molded into complex shapes, making them the top choice for OEMs looking to create custom components for specific applications.

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Custom Durability

Cold Formed Brake Pistons

AAG offers brake pistons with uniform grain structures that are wear, corrosion, and fatigue-resistant. This provides a durable, cost-effective, and customizable solution for OEMs to improve braking system performance and reliability while reducing production costs and environmental impact.

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High-Volume Solution

Roller Die Stamping

AAG’s Roller Die Stamping is a highly efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process that allows OEMs to produce high-quality metal components quickly and precisely. By utilizing our Roller Die Stamping, OEMs can reduce production costs, improve production speed, and maintain consistent product quality, making it an ideal solution for high-volume manufacturing.

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Essential Fit

Hydraulic Fitting

AAG’s Hydraulic Fittings are essential components in hydraulic systems that allow for the efficient and reliable transfer of fluids under high pressure. By utilizing high-quality hydraulic fittings, OEMs can ensure the safety and reliability of their hydraulic systems while reducing the risk of leaks and downtime.

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Structural Integrity

Heavy Duty Bolts

AAG’s Heavy Duty Bolts are solid and reliable fasteners that ensure the structural integrity of heavy-duty industrial equipment, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime. They are highly corrosion-resistant and durable, ideal for harsh environments, and can be customized to fit various applications.

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Rugged Performance

Mining, Construction, and Forestry Bits

AAG's Mining, Construction, and Forestry Bits are durable and reliable cutting tools for heavy-duty applications. They offer superior wear resistance and extended lifespan, ensuring maximum uptime and cost efficiency for your operation.

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Precise Control

Hydraulic Fittings and Valves

AAG’s Hydraulic Fittings and Valves are high-quality components that provide precise control of fluid flow and pressure in hydraulic systems. They are customizable, compatible with various hydraulic parts, and ideal for diverse industrial applications.

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Market Leader

Piston Pins

Owning 40% of the global market share for piston pins, AAG specializes in forming, machining, heat treating, and precision grinding. We produce 140 million pins every year.

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Key Applications

Amsted’s propulsion system engineers are developing new platform designs for emerging technologies in electrification.

Integrating electric motors, transmissions, and shifting systems into the driveline, Amsted scales efficiencies for automakers and curbs energy consumption in electric and hybrid vehicles.

In addition, our mechatronic clutches, soft magnetic composites, net-shaped metal forming, and capabilities in advanced metallurgical material science are helping automotive engineers reimagine the building blocks of vehicle design.

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Motors have been transformed with the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Often made from permanent magnets, electric motors require a completely different approach to design and manufacturing in order to elevate efficiencies, improve packaging, and reduce costs.

Amsted Automotive’s powdered metallurgy and transform products offer electric motor designers and manufacturers new options for housing and magnet design that put electrification on an even faster track.

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There is no greater performance feature than safety.

Amsted Automotive provides a unique combination of net-forming and advanced metallurgy capabilities that produce brake caliper pistons and rotor and magnetic components for regenerative braking.

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Everything starts with the chassis. It provides the vehicle with the stability and performance that drivers demand.

Utilizing our net-forming capabilities, Amsted Automotive helps OEMs build robust and work-hardened ball joints and tie rods in chassis systems across vehicular types.

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Amsted's SMW division services the mining industry with leading-edge equipment such as Long Wall Tools for metallurgical coal mining.

Our unique net-forming technology is capable of producing large diameter cold formings with minimal machining.

This proprietary process improves costs for Amsted's customers and drives production efficiencies by reducing material requirements.

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Amsted's SMW division engineers and manufactures a number of hydraulic components, including hydraulic stems and ferrules.

Our unique net-forming technology is capable of producing large diameter cold formings with minimal machining.

This proprietary process improves costs for Amsted's customers and drives production efficiencies by reducing material requirements during the forming of hydraulic parts.

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Amsted's SMW division services the construction industry with leading-edge components such as road milling tools.

Our unique net-forming technology is capable of producing large diameter cold formings with minimal machining.

This proprietary process improves costs for Amsted's customers while delivering 100% work-hardened parts.

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Amsted Automotive has provided the automotive industry with leading-edge engineering and manufacturing since 1922.

In addition to exceptional products such piston pins, differential components, selectable one-way clutches, and clutch housings, our build experts and proprietary metal-forming processes give us the ability to efficiently scale new technologies by owning our supply chains.

Passing the savings along to our clients, Amsted Automotive is more than an industry leader. We are the supplier of choice for OEM and T1 Propulsion System engineers.

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Our Expertise

Partnering to drive efficiencies and performance gains for category and market leaders across industries.


Products of efficiency, performance, and resilience.

We build, manufacture, and ship industry-defining products to propel performance, increase efficiency gains, and deliver below costs.


Solutions designed for what’s coming.

Innovations in disconnect systems, shift systems, park systems, powder metallurgy, advanced metal forming, and cold forming for the industry leaders of today and tomorrow.

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Power is in its application.

Leading-edge components, technologies, and applications for electric, hybrid, and internal combustion vehicles across industries and markets.


Press Release

Multi-Functional Shift Systems, Advanced Powder and Net-Form Metal Technology to be displayed by Amsted Automotive at TMC2024

Amsted Automotive will present and display a variety of drivetrain and metallurgy manufacturing technology at the 16th International Automotive Powertrain Technology Congress (TMC2024) in Qingdao China July 4-5, 2024. Addressing the rapid demand for electrified powertrains and the available solutions will be the focus of the event, previously known as TM Symposium China.

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Amsted Automotive Displays Collection of New Technologies to Extend Electric Driving Range of EVs and HEVs at VDI Dritev Event

As customer demand and regional legislation regarding powertrain choices continues to evolve, Amsted Automotive is ideally equipped to provide efficient torque-transfer solutions. Amsted will display a cache of multi-functional clutch technologies with benefits in ICE, EV and HEV platforms at the 24th annual VDI Dritev Congress.

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Advanced Clutches, Propulsion Systems and Wheel-End Disconnects Highlighted at Amsted Automotive JSAE Exposition Display

The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) exposition takes place May 22-24, 2024 at the Pacifico Yokohama in Japan, and Amsted Automotive is displaying several advanced powertrain-enabling technologies.

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