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Amsted is where agility meets precision. We offer a unique set of capabilities that combines cutting-edge technologies, custom applications, and diverse expertise in engineering and manufacturing.


“We’re living in a time of rapid transformation. By bridging innovations in EV technologies with exciting advances for IC vehicles, Amsted is helping automotive and industrial leaders succeed the challenges of an ever-evolving market.”
- Jeremy Holt, President


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Dynamic Controllable Clutch

Amsted’s Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC) is a groundbreaking Electro-Mechanical E-axle Disconnect system that furthers efficiency and range while cutting costs for electrified vehicles.

One-Way Clutches

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With over 2,000 employees worldwide, AAG produces over 200 million components for our global partners every year.


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“The collaborative culture across all the different business units is exciting and it provides opportunities to elevate and scale best practices across our capabilities.”


White Paper

Presentation – EV Innovation Opportunities for Traditional ICE Technologies

The next giant leap in electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain will be multi-shift systems, and Amsted Automotive is leading the way with a new multi-speed shift system technology with integrated One-Way-Clutch (OWC) functionality. This enables significant improvements in efficiency, range, function and cost that won’t be possible through battery and electric motor refinement alone. Request a…

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Press Release

Amsted Automotive Wins 2023 Merit Awards for Novel Electric Vehicle eAxle Disconnect Technology

Amsted Automotive received the 2023 Merit Award for Automotive and Transportation with its novel Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), an Electro-Mechanical eAxle Disconnect System for electric vehicles (EVs).

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White Paper

Presentation – Novel Multi-Functional Clutch Technology for EV Driveline Disconnects

With the market growth of Electric Vehicles, EV drivetrain systems are in the process of being redefined and reinvented as part of the next generation of electric vehicle propulsion systems. Next generation EV propulsion systems will need to be further optimized for function, efficiency, range and cost as the EV markets scale up. This includes…

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