Partnering to drive efficiencies and performance gains for category and market leaders across industries.


Products of efficiency, performance, and resilience.

We build, manufacture, and ship industry-defining products to propel performance, increase efficiency gains, and deliver below costs.


Solutions designed for what’s coming.

Innovations in disconnect systems, shift systems, park systems, powder metallurgy, advanced metal forming, and cold forming for the industry leaders of today and tomorrow.

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Power is in its application.

Leading-edge components, technologies, and applications for electric, hybrid, and internal combustion vehicles across industries and markets.

Our Reach

With over 2,000 employees worldwide, AAG produces over 200 million components for our global partners every year.


13 Manufacturing - 4 Sales/Marketing


5 Manufacturing - 3 Sales/Marketing


1 Sales/Marketing


1 Manufacturing - 1 Sales/Marketing


1 Manufacturing


1 Sales/Marketing


1 Manufacturing

Our People

Take ownership of your career. Find your place at Amsted.

“The collaborative culture across all the different business units is exciting and it provides opportunities to elevate and scale best practices across our capabilities.”
“Even though we’re a large company, we’ve maintained a can-do energy that allows us to focus on new and exciting opportunities.”
“There is just so much opportunity at Amsted as vehicle manufacturers across industries work to optimize their e-mobility solutions.”